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Online Slots – The beginning and today

120 odd years ago Charles Fey devised the first slot machine (the One Armed Bandit) which was a three reel game using the four suites of a card pack, (spades,hearts,clubs and diamonds),as the symbols. Later as the slots developed, various fruit was used as symbols, giving rise to the slang name of Fruit Machines. As slots have evolved over time from the old ‘one armed bandit’ to the machines situated in the land based casinos, to more recently with the advent of the electronic/computer age and internet they have grown enormously in popularity, and today there are some 30 million people playing slots, at either land based casinos, or online casinos.

The huge demand that has developed in the slots market is due to a number of factors such as the variation and depth of games using video technology and of course being able to wager small amounts to win big, after all, the name of the game is to win, and if you can do it whilst in the comfort of your home, so much the better.

Slots today are split into 6 basic variations:-

3 Reel Slots

These are the same as the original slot machines invented way back in 1887. There is a whole host of variations and features which means each game has a uniqueness in multiple pay lines and value options increasing the options of winnings. Before playing always check the pay out table as the inclusion of wild symbols could affect the amount of winnings payable as they increase the winning combinations possible.

5Reel slots

Since their introduction, 5 Reel Slots have taken a large slice of the slots market because of their free spins, multipliers,wild symbols and special features of each game. From the straight 5 Reel game to the twenty five line games offering, potentially huge payouts.

Bonus Slots

Bonus slots are similar to the original one arm bandits, but with a bonus feature,which is like a game with in a game. The bonus is triggered when a certain symbol or symbols are obtained in the normal course of playing. Generally it will give you an option to choose a symbol which will give a winning value over and above your normal winnings. In addition to the bonus possibility, each game has a jackpot, specific to each game.

Feature Slots

Feature Slots are the cream of the crop of 5 Reel slot games. In these games there could be more than one bonus, and a number of features,all adding to the normal winnings received. Some feature slots are based on movies or TV programs, such as Tomb Raider, and with the fantastic graphics in the games, gives you entertainment while you win. All Feature Slots have jackpots which may vary from 5000 to 50000.(depending on currency played).

Mega Slots

Mega Slots are multiple 3 liners played simultaneously. That is to say you may have 3,three liners all spinning at the same time on the amount wagered increasing your chances of winning. Depending on the casino used, this could go to 9×3 liners or more at a single spin. Remember maximum bet gives maximum pay out.

Progressive Slots/Jackpots

These are the biggest paying slots of all. As each player on these games plays so the jackpot increases, and often goes over the 1 million mark,which is why they create the most interest. Some people have played and never won, and some have wagered small amounts and walked off with huge payouts. These slots are across the spectrum selection as they could be straight 3 liners, 5 liners or multiple up to 25 payline games,with wonderful and sometimes comical graphics.

Casinos offer various games,but public emand puts SLOTS in the top echelon of whats on offer,it’s up to you to peruse the rules and check the pay out schedule, and have some fun and entertainment.

As with all aspects of life there is a downside,with a certain type of person who can become addicted to this. The vast majority of online casinos will have contact details for GAMBLERS ANNONYMOUS, who will be able to put you in touch with an organization in your country and town to assist you.

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