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Looking for something for nothing? Try free online bingo at Costa Bingo

As experienced gamers and even most rookies will know, the casino can offer a range of thrills to suit most tastes, but rarely provides a free lunch. Free online bingo at Costa Bingo bucks this trend, offering free to enter games that still deliver real jackpot prizes.  The only requirement for playing free online bingo at Costa Bingo is internet access – naturally – and taking a couple of minutes to register with Costa Bingo.  Regardless of which side of the Atlantic you are from the bingo served up by Costa will be familiar, with both 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo on offer.

Two 90 ball Bingo games, and one 75 ball bingo game are accessible as standard on a no deposit basis right around the clock, with modest prizes on offer. A further three, free to enter games with larger jackpots are open to players who have made a deposit, with both first time players and Costa regulars catered for.  

If you have played the old school version, but have not yet ventured online to play Bingo, you will find that things have moved on a little. Perhaps the most significant change concerns the marking or daubing of number squares on the playing card as balls are drawn – or strictly speaking, selected by the random number generator.

In traditional bingo, the tricky part of the game is playing multiple cards. This requires good observation and memory – as well as a little manual dexterity – to make sure that all the numbers corresponding to the announcements of the caller are marked off on every card held by the player. Missing a number can obviously mean missing out on marking up a winning card, and so "Rain Man"-like feats of photographic memory have been the hallmark of the world’s top players.

In online bingo, it is possible to let technology take up the slack with the use of an "autodaub" function, although this is largely cosmetic as winning cards are automatically detected, regardless of how they have been marked.  Put simply, this means that a winning card will always win.

While purists might argue that this has made the game too easy, others will simply see a shift in emphasis. The chat function in online bingo is now a major element of the game, allowing you to meet and socialise with other players while you wait to see how your luck turns out that game. Simple – like all the best ideas.

If you would like to read more about the origins and development of bingo in different countries, try looking here:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bingo.

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