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Online poker is perhaps the most popular online casino game today.  Thanks to the success of broadcasted poker tournaments on television, many people are curious and want the chance to try their hand at this game.  At any time of day, online poker rooms are chockfull of people betting anywhere from $0.01 to $10.00 per hand.  Even more popular are the online poker tournaments where players get the chance to feel like a professional poker player on television, competing for the grand prize.

To beginners, the online poker world may seem complicated, as there are so many options available.  However, it is extremely easy to get started in online poker since all you need a computer and an Internet connection.  You do not even need any money to start playing since most online poker websites offer free play until you are ready to wager money.  We have chosen seven of the best online poker rooms from all over the Internet for you to download and play.  Remember to use our links when you join the room, as this will entitle you to an awesome Poker Bonus.

Poker rooms entice you to stay and wager real money by offering generous deposit bonuses and free play options to allow you to test out the room.  Once you decide that the poker room is a good fit for your playing needs, you can advance to wagering real money.  Poker rooms facilitate financial transactions by accepting credit card deposits, wire transfers, and even personal checks.  Most websites team up with online money facilitators such as MoneyBookers, InstaCash, and FirePay.  After you make a deposit, you will be able to claim your sign-up bonuses.  Tournaments are only open to players who have made a deposit into their account.

The steps to playing online poker are simple: find a poker room, sign up, play for free to see if it matches your needs, and if it does, then deposit enough money into your account for your playing needs, reap in all the sign-up bonuses, and finally, enjoy betting!

Out of all the types of different poker styles available, Texas Hold’em is probably the most popular.  Professional players participating on broadcasted tournaments usually play this style and their adoring fans choose this style to imitate their onscreen heros.  Texas Hold’em poker rooms are wildly popular, as players can feel like they are professionals playing on a world stage. Free holdem manager

The origins of poker are shrouded in mystery.  There is no consensus in the poker-playing world on the precise tale of how poker came to be.  All we know is that it dates back to a time of sophistication when men looking to strike it rich were wandering along the Mississippi River. When trying to win at online poker consistently you really need to use a tool to track your cards and your opponents tendencies. The most widely used free poker calculator is Holdem Indicator. You can’t win online consistently without it.
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