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Playing roulette – what are the odds

Playing a game of roulette is quite simple and the rules are very easy to understand.  Roulette is an online casino game which merely requires that you place a wager using your chips on the area of choice which indicates what type of bet you’re intending on making.  Then the croupier rolls the roulette wheel and the ball bounces around until it lands on a number.  Depending on what number the ball lands on the bet on that specific number will win a pre-established amount.  Once you learn how to play roulette you will realize the simplicity of the roulette online rules, which is ultimately based on the amount a player has to wager.  Not to mention the odds are higher for the house and an inexperienced player could lose all their money, if they don’t contemplate the houses edge before betting on Roulette.  

There are a number of ways to have better odds.  Comprehending the basic rules would be the only control a player will have over the game and how they bet.  Grasping the concept of the odds which accompany the bets to include the risk factors is what a player can use to guide them in playing a good game of online roulette.   Take a look at these tips to help grasp the concept of betting odds.

  1. Inside Betting Odds are based on different high risk inside bets that have the highest payout but very low odds for the roulette game.  There are at least 5 different inside bets a player could apply to the game.  Each inside bet offer’s individual odds and payout amounts.  These five inside bets are describe below: 
    1. Straight Bets also referred to as a “classic” bet, which as the ideal payout at a ratio of 35 to 1.  This type of bet also incorporates the really bad odds at 1 in 37 when playing European Roulette and at least 1 in 38 odds in American roulette games.
    2. Split Bets also called the two number bet is a bet that is made on two numbers adjacent to one another.  Payouts on split bets are quite attractive, yielding odds of 17 to 1.  These odds are much better than European straight bets odds of 2 in 37 as well as American roulette odds which are 1 in 19.
    3. Street Bets also referred to as Three number bets requires a selection bet of three different numbers in a straight row.  This option pays upward of 11 in 1 with winning odds of 3 in 37 for European roulette and 3 in 38 for American style Roulette.  
    4. Corner bets which are also called Square bets are made using numbers that form a square shape on the table grid and pays out 8 to 1.  The odds on this type of roulette betting are 4 in 37 in European roulette versions as opposed to American odds that are 2 in 19 chances of winning on this type of bet.
    5. Six-line bets have the concept of a split bet however bets are made on 2 adjacent rows instead of two adjacent numbers on the roulette table grid.  Six line bets pay out 5 to 1 with a 6 in 37 chance of winning with European roulette and 3 in 19 for American roulette.  There is also a five line bet which can also be played with American roulette only and this style uses the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 numbers.
  2. Outside betting odds – there are three basic outside bets for the game of roulette, these bets are:
    1. Even money bets that are made on a specific combination of such as high/low or even/odd as well as red/black.  This bet type pays 1 to 1 with 1 in 2 chances of winning.
    2. Column bets are made using either 1 or up to 3 columns on the roulette table grid which pays 2 to 1 with a 12 in 37 odds for European and 6 in 19 for American roulette.
Dozen Bets is a bet that uses at least 12 numbers and pays out at a ratio of 2 for every one wager unit but has with column bet odds.  
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