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Poker Tips & Odds

An online poker room is one way to test your poker skills and find out how solid your live poker strategy is against other real opponents. You should be aware that in an online poker room you may come up against players of all skill levels, including possibly much more experienced players.

As this is the case, the first and best poker tip we can give you is: Know poker rules! Study up and do your poker homework. Familiarize yourself with basic poker strategy and all possible poker hands. Also, visit online poker forums, read poker books, and talk to other poker players.
After you become familiar with poker rules and lay a good, working foundation, try a few FREE online poker games at our sister site: poker variations such as three hand poker, five hand poker, Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, or video poker. All of these poker games are fun options, so choose any of them and find the one you enjoy most.

Live online poker games usually have deposit bonuses, so take advantage of them. These bonuses are usually for new players.
It’s a smart idea to set a limit and place a restriction on how much money you will use to bet with before you start an online poker game.
As you play an online poker game, learn from your opponents by observing the poker strategies they use.

Also, as a new player, don’t overdo it and play too many poker hands. Only play hands with higher odds of winning, such as hands with a higher starting value.
You have the option to choose a low stakes online poker game so you can play for hours with less money, often less than the amount of a movie ticket. Even if you don’t win all the time, consider the cost of an evening out of the town compared to the small expense of an indoor online poker game.

Don’t jump into poker games or tournaments that are over your head at the moment. Take the time to learn from small live online poker games and improve your skills and poker strategies and you’ll see your level of play rise.
Remember that there are different kinds of poker odds, and becoming somewhat familiar with them can be helpful. There are 2,598,960 poker hands in a 52-card deck! If a player is dealt 100,000 hands in his lifetime, then that poker player will get about four percent of all possible poker hands. 

Investment poker odds involve the player keeping track and calculating the returns on the money that is bet. When a player has enough general experience, they do not calculate exactly but think in ways that help them make better bets and moves.

Edge poker odds measure the approximate performance of a player, and are more helpful when more games are used to estimate these odds. Edge poker odds that are based on at least ten games, preferably more, will be relatively accurate in measuring overall player performance. A great poker player would have edge poker odds in the range of 25% to 65%, depending on the other poker players and the game.

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