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So you are serious about online gambling, but with all of the potential online casinos where you could place your bets, how does one decipher what is a true online casino and what is rip-off casino?  Rip-off casinos are run by dishonest people and scam artists who have the intentions of never paying you the money that you win, or even the money that you deposit into your account.

Scam casinos are not always easy to spot.  They imitate reputable online casinos in their sign-up process, but differ vastly from true casinos in the fine print of their terms and conditions.  Before you can get started in any online casino, you must first deposit money into your account; however, unlike reliable online casinos, scam casinos will never pay you that money back.  They will come up with all kinds of reasons, such as alleging that you cheated or that you did not follow the betting rules, in order to refuse withdrawal requests.  Often, their software is manipulated so that you will never win.  Once you fall victim to their scam, you can kiss your money goodbye. 

So how do you recognize these scam casinos when you see one?

The best place to start is to do your homework.  Always do extensive research on online casinos before you settle for any online gambling portal.  You can start off by looking at casino organizations, directories, and gambling forums.  Most likely, these sites will advise you as to which online casino is reputable and trustworthy.  There will usually be more than one online casino that will be recommended, but you should always go with the one that is the most reliable and have a good, long-standing reputation.

Once you have found an online casino that catches your eye, it is time to do a full background check on it, just as you would for a potential job applicant.  See what information is available about the casino from third-party sites and whether it is affiliated with an accredited organization.  You should know the entire history of the casino’s operation, ownership, and affiliations.  If the casino shows up on even one blacklist, that should be a good enough warning to avoid it.

Your homework does not stop there.  Once you have researched and verified the online casino of your choice, you may think that all there is left to do is open an account with them.  However, before you robotically check off the ‘I have read, understood, and agree to all of the above terms and conditions’ box, make sure that you have actually read and fully understand all of the terms and conditions.  A reputable online casino will spell out all of their terms to you as clearly as possible.  You should always know what software they use, what their privacy policies are, and what their cash withdrawal rules are.

In short, know the rules of the online casino, and if the rules work for you, then it is a good indication that the casino is a good match for your gambling needs.  Be prudent and vigilant in order to protect your money and have a safe online gambling experience.
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