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Roulette Rules

Learning how to play roulette online means an in depth understanding of roulette rules to play.  Although the concept of the game is relatively easy and maybe one the online casino games with the simplest rules by far, however gaining this information before playing roulette online is very essential.   The fact that you can either lose thousands of dollars or gain thousands of dollars with a little luck, some betting skills and formulating strategies can make a big difference in your winning experience.

Type of Roulette table games:
There are basically three main types of roulette tables to play each type has a variation of odds, playing rules and betting options.

  1. French Roulette – This form of roulette offers a 0 – 36 table grid, however the grid could be up to 37 with specific regional outside betting rules. 
  2. European Roulette is very similar to French rule with slight betting variations but the table grid remains 0 – 36
  3. American Roulette can have table grids of 0- 37 or 38.  While  the biggest difference is in the table by regions are the number slots but with a good handle on the basic rules, playing either type of roulette online game can be easy and quite profitable. 

Roulette Basic rules

  1. First and foremost avoid completion with other players. Typically the game of roulette can be played by multiple players at the same time therefore the players are player paying against you but the dealer.   The ideal is to take the bank from the house and not other players.  While their contribution to the pot is nice its best to focus on the house regardless.
  2. Online roulette will offer a different color of buy in chips based on the players so don’t let this throw you off if your use to in house roulette. So if you win the spin the cash out will be in the color chips your given and at that specific value.
  3. Play with the proper table mannerisms to ensure your playing the game properly
  4. Always place your bets before the spin or before the dealer announces no more bets. 
  5. Never handle the chips after spin is in motion or after the deal call no more bets.  This means you’re unable to change your bet amount, so make sure you’re ready before playing.
Once you build up some confidence in your knowledge of roulette rules and your skills in the game there’s no doubt you can be profitable at the game of online roulette. Start off playing for fake money and once you build up a strategy and a clearer understanding of the rules you can progress to real money and high stakes betting.  Don’t be like others who jump right into the game without a winning plan.
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