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Roulette Tips & Odds

When you reach the point that you know how to play roulette the next phase is to try your basic knowledge at an online casino.   Since there are a number of routes you can take to win roulette on line as there are a number ways to lose as well, therefore understanding the odds of winning are crucial.  Check out these roulette tips that can offer you a few winning tactics and understanding of roulette odds.

Tips on how to play:

    1. If the goal is to win the first place to start is locating online roulette games with poorly programmed software.   If you receive newsletters that announce recent winners that have won big on that specific site, chances are you’ll have a good winning streak with that software as well.
    1. Always know the gaming your playing, by taking out the time to real the rules, odds and table operations of the online roulette game before you beginning playing. 
    2. Avoid developing a specific playing system, since the game of roulette is a game of chance and pure luck.  It impossible to develop a specific strategy based on pass data no matter what other people may say.
    3. Make sure to play the best bets with lower odds such as red/black bets to begin with.  You’ll have better winning odds of close to 50% of the time, which means the chances of winning money are greater.
    4. Avoid risky bets like single number bets or five line bets, which all have an advantage of nearly 8% over roulette online players.  
    5. Correctly manage your money and set limitations on the amount of spending before you start playing.  Remember there always a greater chance of losing so be prepared. This means that if you lose all your money stop playing and void loading more to recoup your loses. 
    6. Don’t rely on roulette myths that if you play long enough your luck will shift or your number will show up.  This are the most common myths that means anyone who believes this will eventually lose everything and more.

Understanding Roulette odds
If you think of roulette like the game of craps and other games which luck is the deciding factor understanding your odds and make a big difference in your chances of winning.   Roulette odds are quite easy to formulate actually.  Since the Roulette wheel is divided into number slots either 37 or 38 for American roulette game. However, if you’re playing a different version like European that have a single zero slot, whereas American roulette can have an additional 00 slot. 

The zero slots demonstrate the houses edge this tilts the odds of winning otherwise it would be a game played on an even field.  Therefore if playing European Roulette online the house has a 2.7% edge over players with the 0 slot and American Roulette games have a 5.26% edge using the 00.  Although European 0 slot yields the same payouts as the American counterpart with 00 the odds are much better than American roulette 00 slot games.
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