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Slots Rules

Slot machines, whether in person or online slots, are one of the most popular games (if not the most popular game) in the casino today. With or without a set slot strategy, any player can play and enjoy slot machine games. Also, the possibility of hitting a huge jackpot in slots appeals to players regardless of their experience levels.

The actual rules of a slot machine are short and easy: Place your bet, then click the button or pull the arm and wait for the result of your spin. After the reels stop spinning, if your combinations mach any of the winning combinations, then your prize is paid out to you. These are the basic rules, and each game and casino will have a little variation on top. The combinations may involve symbols on straight lines, or other lines, depending on the game and casino. Your payout also depends on the game and casino, and a table of combinations should be posted somewhere nearby for easy reference. Also, the number of reels and the types of images will vary, and no longer will a player only see images of fruits and cards on the slot reels.

Online slots are a popular choice for any player, young or old, new or experienced. The first step is to bet, and some players take into account slot strategy in order to place their bet. They realize their payout is maxed by betting a certain amount higher than the minimum, and they adjust their bet accordingly to maximize a possible payout. A player can choose to bet anywhere from one to ten coins per play, depending on how much the slot machine accepts. The value of each coin varies by slot machine as well. Usually, the denominations are five cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, one dollar, and five dollars. A high roller can find slot machines to place higher bets on, but these are the norm. For example, if a player chooses the 50 cent option and plays four coins on a single play, the total bet would cost that player two dollars.

Once your bet is placed, you just click the button, the wheel spins, and you wait. Your payout depends on the winning combination or combinations. Consult the pay table to see what kind of winning combinations there are, and how much the payouts are. Pay attention to these, because they differ from one slot game to another. Where one slot machine will pay out 20-1 for three cherries, another may only pay out 5-1. Also, some slot machines include diagonal combinations, or may want five matching symbols instead of three. Use your personal preferences and slot strategy to pick which online slot game is best for you. All online slot games will have a handy ad easy-to-access help button for any issues or concerns that might come up. 

Any online slot machine game offering a progressive jackpot is usually a very popular option. Progressive jackpots continue to grow with each game until a player hits the winning combination and hits this cumulative jackpot. The jackpot then resets itself to a low value and starts to grow all over again until someone else hits it and wins that particular amount. Usually a player must bet the maximum number of coins to qualify to win the progressive jackpot.

As is the case with physical slot machines, the casino sets the payouts for online slot machine games.
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