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Texas Hold’em Latest Updates

A corner of the top poker echelon came together over the weekend, inlcuding Justin Bonomo, Ashton Griffin, and Tom Dwan. Walking away from a clean week’s work (March 30-Apri 5) was Mr. Tom "durrrr" Dwan (+$1.96 million), Patrik Antonius (+$908,000), and Ashton "theASHMAN103" Griffin (+$505,000).

Phil Ivey beat Dwan in a round of heads up $500-$1,000 pot-limit Omhama poker for $316,000. Meanwhile, Partrik Antonius knocked down $900,000. The Sunday Full Tilt Poker visit by Ivey came to adjust his recent absence from poker so far in 2010. The first go went quickly, 75 hands, and Ivey exited with $213,000. However, the second game lasted over two hours, as Ivey returned to challenge Dwan once again. This time Dwan captured the full day pay load of a total $316,000.

Patrik Antonius‘ season has been less than desirable, or as some would have it, a year soaked in despair- loosing more than $2.4 million over three months. In any case, Antonius came out over the Easter weekend to redeem himself at Full Tilt’s 7-Game tables. He earned $621,000, and advanced successfully in a $200-$400 PLO bought pitted against Cole South. Giffin was Antonius’ best match. In a later $300-$600 blinds match Griffin took a lead at $1,800 and Antonius reached to make the winning call on the flop. Antonius then opened for $3,000 and was raised without hesitation to $12,600, by Griffen. Antonius responded and repotted to $41,400, and in turn, Griffin tried to close the door with a total of $104,484. With Antonius calling off his $36,599 the tense dual ended with both players laying down the same straight.

The evening was extended as Dwan slid over to a $200/$400 no-limit hold’em match against Justin "ZeeJustin" Bonomo. The multitable heads-up game went more than four hours. Breaking away as the winner, Dwan left with a sweet total win of $228,481. The heaviest point of the session weighed in at $154,000. Directed at Bonomo, he rivered a queen-high straight against Dwan’s aces up. The second biggest pot was 120,000 at Dwan. Playing it cool, Dwan checked three timess, bringing in an eager Bonomo to push all 46,395 chips in. Like a quick jab, Dwan claimed the 120,389 pot. For more Texas Hold’em news visit www.texasholdem.org.

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