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When to retire from playing?

To take part at any online casino can seriously affect all of your relationships including those at home and at work. This can lead to financial ruin. You may even find that you are engaged in activities that you never dreamed you would do such as committing a crime to get money or use money that is for your children’s well being. You might even end up thinking you cannot stop, but gambling problems are treatable. If you are willing to agree you have a trouble and seeking help, you can control your problem of gambling and to gain control over your life. It may even be time to retire from gambling.

You know you should retire from playing when you having problem controlling your impulse to play. This is even more evident when your playing is bringing harm to you and your loved ones. Once you find that you single most dominant thought is about gambling then it is time to stop all together. When you are in a situation when playing where you cannot afford a loss and you are hinging your life’s earnings or your salary of a bet then it is time.

Gambling is sometimes called the “hidden disease” since those addicted will never show any clear symptoms or physical signs. Problem players usually deny or play down the problem. They do their utmost best not to disclose their gambling. You need to retire if you find that you are withdrawing from your loved ones and/or sneaking about and lying about it.

You may need to retire from gambling if you:

  • Are tight-lipped about your playing. If you are playing in secret or are lying about you frequency of playing because you feel others are not going to be understanding enough or that you can win big and surprise them.
  • Unable to control your playing. Are you able to walk away when you begin playing? Or do you feel the need to play until all your money has been spent, increasing your bid in an effort to win back the money you have lost?
  • Are playing although your funs are low. An obvious warning happens when you become increasingly desperate to get back all the money you have lost playing. You may have played until all of your money is gone, and then go to the money you do not have including credit card funds, money for bill payment or things for your family. You can feel the need to take a loan, sell or steal items just to have money to play. You may truly believe that playing with more money will be the one way that can win back the money you have lost. This belief however will only put in greater debt and more problems.
  • Have family and friends who are concerned. If your family and friends have great concerns and you are unwilling to listen to them and their concerns. If you can see how playing is affecting your life then you will understand why you should stop playing.
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